Show Control Systems

Richmond Sound Design Ltd.
McKenzie   "Gtype for Windows" Midi-Show Control program
Alcorn McBride   ShowTouch, Graphical Show Control Interface
Medialon    software and hardware products for the presentation business
Q-Manager   sound and show control software

Ace Visual & Sound Systems Ltd.  'ShowMagic' PC Software for controlling Lighting, Multiple-Audio, Multiple-Video and RS232/Midi
Mediamation    Show Control & Multimedia Systems
Stage Research   theatrical sound playback and show control software, SFX
Outboard Electronics   Sound Automation  & Control Engineering Technology
Gilderfluke   Animation Control Systems
ShowCAD Control Systems
BIRKET Engineering, Inc.  Showcontrol, FireFX
Triad Showcontrol
SAM    show control software
Maris   show and lighting control, motion base control
Voyetra   Digital Orchestrator Pro
Amazing Controls
mm productions  Interactive fx Controller
Spear Morgan Show Control
John Huntington's Site   Zircon Designs
Omni Q® SMART™   Synchronized Modular Automated Response Technology
Anitech Systems   animation and ride control, motion simulator technology and systems integration
Artistic Licence   custom lighting and motion control systems for the entertainment industries
Rosco/ET   entertainment technology
Scott Edwards Electronics Inc.   Serial Servo Controllers, Serial Displays, ...
Reynolds Electronics  Robo-Ware; Servo Control Software
Pontech   motor controllers, animation software, stepping motors, etc.
Digital Harmony   IEEE-1394 Audio/Video Devices, Digital Harmony Composer Interface Software, Integrated Wireless Solutions, etc.
Spivey Designs   Custom Servos and Control Software
Vantec   remote radio control systems
VBOD   remote controlled mechanical Video Black-Out Device for theatrical projections
Bianchi & Smith   Virtual Orchstra for the Performing Arts
Virtual Orchestra   New York Techical College, text by Anne Eisenberg
M-Audio  MIDISport 2x2, USB-MIDI-Interface