Planning Phases

Conceptual Design Phase

- determining project goals and requirements, conceptual basic framework for the design of the project
- definition of essentially necessary audiovisual systems for the regular operation
- definition of additionally suggested audiovisual and multimedia systems
- recommendation for interoperational and combined concepts with other design scopes like IT infrastructure and networking, surveillance, power distribution, etc.

Schematic Design

- general view of the determined components and the scale of the project
- substantiation of the conceptual design to satisfy the needs of the owner/user defined through meetings held all parties
- clarifying the project, promising alternative design solutions, providing a reliable basis to analyze all expenses
- first budget planning determined by the cost estimations of the owner
- development of a defined and feasible concept to be presented to the client/owner for acceptance
- preliminary selection of systems, materials and equipment
- development of approximate dimensions, areas and volumes
- calculations for electrical power consumptions, heat dissipation, necessary air conditioning/cooling
- rough design of all necessary mechanical systems for audiovisual installations
- collaboration with the fire protection design for cabling and cable trays
- definition of general space requirements
- definition and collaboration for necessary interior design and AV furniture
- preparation of 3D models for sound reinforcement simulations
- calculations of all camera and projection systems
- definition of all requirements for the AV signal management, e.g. interconnections, channel numbers, signal crosspoints, media conversion
- delivering graphic illustrations, written explanations, technical drawings, block diagrams, etc.
- development of a basic time schedule for the project progress, finalization and completion

Design Development

- continuation of the development process based on the Schematic Design phase
- detailed design of all mechanical, electrical, structural, and architectural details of the audiovisual systems and equipment
- requirements of individual rooms will be examined and room layouts are adjusted to meet specific user needs
- definition of the locations of all equipment, furnishings
- final definition of all electrical and telecommunication interconnections
- definition of external interconnections for broadcast services for live video/audio transmission
- coordination and defining local outdoor connecting points for broadcast trucks etc.
- defining necessary telecommunication services for data communication via Internet, streaming services, Video-On-Demand
- defining requirements for remote maintenance
- coordination of all interconnections with the proposed facility management
- delivering of all necessary floor plans, sections, and elevations with full dimensions, including all audiovisual systems and equipment
- final evaluation of all sound reinforcement systems with speech intelligibility and level coverage for all required rooms and areas
- continuing of the cost estimation and budget planning
- continuing of time schedule planning for all individual systems and the entire AV installation - full collaboration with the architectural design process
- presentation of the AV design to the owner for evaluation and acknowledgement

Construction Design, Construction Documents

- continuation of the development process based on the acknowledged Design Development documents
- further detailed specifications of all multimedia systems, equipment and materials
- finalization of all construction details
- specification and quantization of all equipment and materials
- final budget definition based on factory prices and estimated import costs
- definition of the general standards by which those materials shall be installed
- formal presentation to the owner for final project approval

Construction Supervision

- General supervision on site, several dates on site to control the professional, skilled and competent assembly work of the Integrator
- Definition and monitoring of procedures and instructions
- Time, cost and quality monitoring, budget control
- Definition and monitoring of procedures and instructions
- Partial acceptance inspections
- Coordination and verification of test and acceptance procedures
- Coordination and support of hand-over procedures to the client
- Updating project documentation
- Cooperation in the final acceptance inspection