Video Patchbays - WECO /MUSA - 75 Ohms

The WECO (Western Electric Company) standard defined video patchbays for video signals. Most broadcast facilities use the WECO standard. The WECO standards were developed some decades ago but are still perfectly suited for high-bandwidth applications.

WECO Standard Size was the first standard with a relatively large jack size. 24 patch points fit in one raw in a 19" patch device. Standard Size jacks and patch cords can exhibit an impedance violation of between 58 and 62 Ohms in the patched state and therefore cannot be used for digital HD and high bandwidth applications.

The MUSA standard was developed in Europe concurrently with the WECO standard products. The MUSA jack has a backward form of the WECO jack. The pin is used on the jack side, and the socket is used on the patch cord side. Often impedance violations of the MUSA standard make it unsuitable for digital signals. They are only available in the "straight-through" configuration.

The Mini WECO (Midsize Format) was developed to reach a higher density and to overcome the impedance violations of the WECO Standard size jacks. WECO Midsize patchbays, patch cords and jacks are capable of bandwidths up to 3Gbps. The Midsize jacks have a 0.048" diameter center conductor and a mounting diameter of 0.5". Up to 32 jacks fit across a 19" patchbay.

WECO Midsize patchbay with 2x 32 patch points
WECO patchcord connectors

Mini-WECO to BNC adapter

Standard WECO to BNC adapter

The patchbay is built out of a frame and individual patch blocks with top and bottom connector. These connectors can be normalled, non-normalled, normalled with 75 Ohm termination and non-normalled with 75 Ohm termination. Each block can have its own settings. A midsize patchbay with 2 x 32 connectors have 32 blocks, each with top and bottom connector.

a normalled and 75 Ohm terminated connecting block (top and bottom connector)

a straight through and 75 Ohm terminated connecting block (top and bottom connector)