IEC and ISO Symbols - Graphical Symbols for Use on and with Equipment

IEC = International Electrotechnical Commission

Power Symbols

The power symbols for equipment are defined in IEC 5007, 5008, 5009 and 5010.

 the POWER ON symbol indicates that the equipment is turned ON, defined in IEC 5007
 the POWER OFF symbol indicates that the equipment is turned OFF, defined in IEC 5008
 the "true" POWER ON/OFF switch there in the off position the power is completely turned OFF, defined in IEC 5009
 the POWER ON/OFF switch with the STANDBY state in the OFF position (Standby or Sleep mode), defined in IEC 5010

IEC 60417 and ISO 7000

IEC 60417 and ISO 7000 determine graphical symbols for use on equipment. These International Standards are maintained by IEC/TC 3, subcommittee SC 3C and ISO/TC 145, subcommittee SC 3.

The standards IEC 60417 and ISO 7000 each are build by a list of reference numbers with a title to each subcribe one symbol and its use.

IEC 60417 symbols are used to identify part of the equipment or the equipment itself, indicate a functional state, connections, information on packaging, operation instructions. It is not used for safety signs, not used on drawings and diagrams, not used in technical documentation and technical documentations and not used for public information.

three of the IEC 60417 symbols

ISO = International Organization for Standardization.
The ISO 7000 symbols are used as graphical symbols in order to instruct people when using the equipment.

IEC 60417 and ISO 7000 List without graphical symbols

ISO Symbols
ISO 7000  Graphical symbols for use on equipment Index and synopsis
ISO 7001  graphical symbols public information symbols
ISO 7010  graphical symbols safety colours and safety signs Registered safety signs
ISO 17724  graphical symbols vocabulary
ISO 20712-1  water safety signs used in workplaces and public areas
ISO 20712-3  water safety signs and beach safety flags guidance for use
ISO 22727  graphical symbols creation and design of public information symbols requirements
ISO/IEC Guide 74 graphical symbols technical guidelines for the consideration of consumer needs

three of the ISO symbols