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The letters CE stand for 'Communauté Européenne', what means 'European Community'. The attached CE sign confirms that a product meets the demands of all relevant guidelines and regulations of the European Union (EU). These are first of all safety regulations to protect the user and regulations to limit or eliminate disturbances of radio and telecommunications devices.

If a product is in accordance with all demanded criteria, it can be sold without other restrictions in the European market. The CE sign is not a quality sign.

The CE directives covers a wide span of regulations from safety to type approvals.

The CE Marking is the "Trade Passport to Europe" for non-EU Products.

The manufacturer is fully responsible for the accordance with all appropriate regulations!


Council Directive 85/374/EEC of 25 July 1985, approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States concerning liability for defective products

some excerpts:

The Council of the European Communities,
... Whereas approximation of the laws of the Member States concerning the liability of the producer for damage caused by the defectiveness of his products is necessary because the existing divergences may distort competition and affect the movement of goods within the common market and entail a differing degree of protection of the consumer against damage caused by a defective product to his health or property;

Article 1. The producer shall be liable for damage caused by a defect in his product.
Article 3.3. Where the producer of the product cannot be identified, each supplier of the product shall be treated as its producer unless he informs the injured person, within a reasonable time, of the identity of the producer or of the person who supplied him with the product... ....
Article 16.1. Any Member State may provide that a producer's total liability for damage resulting from a death or personal injury and caused by identical items with the same defect shall be limited to an amount which may not be less than 70 million Euro.


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