EtherSound by Digigram allows to create audio networks with very low latency using standard Ethernet IEEE 802.3x. EtherSound devices exchange up to 64 channels of 24-bit digital audio at 48 kHz, plus control and monitoring information, via a single Ethernet cable with only 125 microseconds latency.

Auvitran brought out a EtherSound mini-YGDAI card for the Yamaha mixing boards and the DME64, the AVY16-ES card. It is providing two EtherSound connectors for very-low latency audio and an RS232 port for data transmission. Channels: up to 16 audio inputs and 16 audio outputs per card. More than one card can be used on a Yamaha mixing board.

Auvitran AVY16-ES Card

Digigram Ethersound product range