Color Codes Audio

General Stereo, analog + digital
Channel OrderSignalColor Code
Channel 1Leftwhite
Channel 2Rightred
Stereo digitalSPDIForange

PC Cards, analog + digital
Channel OrderSignalColor Code
2-channel outputstereo left+rightgreen
2-channel outputtwo rear channelsblack
2-channel outputtwo side channelsgrey
2-channel outputcenter + subwooferyellow
2-channel inputstereo left+rightblue
balanced inputmicrophonepink
digital outputSPDIForange
data in/outMIDIgold

Surround Channel Order, Color Code

in accordance with ANSI/CEA-863-A

Channel OrderSignalColor Code
Channel 1Front Leftwhite
Channel 2Front Rightred
Channel 3Centergreen
Channel 4Sub / LFEpurple
Channel 5Surround Leftblue
Channel 6Surround Rightgrey
Channel 7Surround Rear Leftbrown
Channel 8Surround Rear Rightkhaki

Color Coding of Consumer Soundcards

Soundcard audio outputs are color coded in the following order:

Soundcard Color Coding, 5.1
Mic Inred/pink
Line In Stereoblue
Left, Right Out Stereogreen
Surround Out 2 channelsblack
Center, Sub Out 2 channelsorange