AES 3 / AES-EBU   Channel Status Byte Settings

Professional ModeConsumer Mode
Byte 0Byte 0
Bit0Pro /ConBit0Pro/Con
 0Consumer Use 0Consumer Use
 1Professional Use 1Professional Use
 0Normal Audio 0Normal Audio
 1Non-Audio 1Non-Audio
Bit234Signal EmphasisBit2Copy/Copyright
 000Not Indicated 0Copy Inhibited
 100None 1Copy Permitted
 111CCITT J.17 000None
Bit5Lock Source 10050/15us
 0Locked DefaultBit67Mode
 1Unlocked 00Mode 0
Bit67Sample Rate
 00Not Indicated
Byte 1Byte 1
Bit0123Channel ModeBit0123Category Code
 0000Not Indicated 0000General
 0001Two-Channel 0001Solid State Memory
 0010Single Channel 001xBroadcast
 0011Primary-Secondary 010xDigital Converters
 0100Stereophonic 0110A/D Converters
 0101Reserved 0111Broadcast
 0110Reserved 100xLaser Optical
 1111Vector to Byte 3 101xMusical Instruments
Bit4567User Bits Management 110xMagnetic Tape or Disk
 0000Not Defined 111xReserved
 0001Main AudioBit7Generation Status
 0010Single 01st Generation
 0011User Defined 1Original
Byte 2Byte 2
Bit012Aux Sample BitsBit0123Source Number
 000Not Defined, 20bit 0000Unspecified
 001Main Audio, 24bit 10001
 010Single, 20bit 01002 .. to ..
 011User Defined 1111.. 15
Bit345Word LengthBit4567Channel Number
 000Not Indicated 0000Unspecified
 00123bit 1000A
 01022bit 0100B
 01121bit 1100C .. to ..
 10020bit 0111..N
 10124bit 1111O
Byte 3
Byte 4Byte 3
Bit01Reference SignalBit0123Sample Rate
 00Not Reference Signal 000044.1kHz
 01Grade 1 Reference Signal 010048kHz
 10Grade 2 Reference Signal 110032kHz
 11ReservedBit45Clock Accuracy
Bit234 00Level 2, +/-1000ppm
 000 01Level 3, variable
Bit567 10Level 1, +/-50ppm
 000 11Reserved
Byte 5 .. 22
Byte 23Byte 4 .. 23