A-Weighting dB(A), Relationship between Frequency and Level

A standard for noise measurement that takes into consideration the human ear's sensitivity to certain frequencies. This is expressed as part of noise specifications and can be denoted by adding the letter 'A' to the spec - i.e. 15dBA.

10Hz 12,5Hz 16Hz 20Hz 25Hz 31,5Hz 40Hz 50Hz
-70,4dB -63,4dB -56,7dB -50,5dB -44,7dB -39,4dB -34,6dB -30,2dB
63Hz 80Hz 100Hz 125Hz 160Hz 200Hz 250Hz 315Hz
-26,2dB -22,5dB -19,1dB -16,1dB -13,4dB -10,9dB -8,6dB -6,6dB
400Hz 500Hz 630Hz 800Hz 1kHz 1,25kHz 1,6kHz 2kHz
-4,8dB -3,2dB -1,9dB -0,8dB 0dB +0,6dB +1,0dB +1,2dB
2,5kHz 3,15kHz 4kHz 5kHz 6,3kHz 8kHz 10kHz 12,5kHz
+1,3dB +1,2dB +1,0dB +0,5dB -0,1dB -1,1dB -2,5dB -4,3dB
16kHz 20kHz
-6,6dB -9,3dB