AV companies
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Sabine   pro audio
SADiE DAW   Digital Audio Workstations
Samick Music Corporation  musical instruments, guitars
Samson Wireless
Sandar  Norway, analog and digital audio and video matrices
Sanken  microphones
Sanyo   pro audio, video
SAS Bazooka  mobile audio subwoofer and component speaker systems
SATIS&FY   Veranstaltungstechnik
Scheck Audio   pro audio
Schoeps Microphones
SD Systems   microphones
Secret Sound   MuseumTool, loudspeakers
ServoDrive, Inc.   loudspeakers, low frequency devices
Selenium   loudspeakers
Sennheiser   microphones, headphones, etc
Sennheiser USA
SEK'D Visualizer    Yamaha 02R software
Sescom Connectors
Seufert, Dr. Seufert GmbH   Germany, integrated display systems
Shamrock   loudspeakers
Sharp   pro audio, video
Shermann   loudspeakers
Showconcept  Germany, Heiko Schallenberg, Professional Showequipment for Touring, Theatre Installations, Presentations
Shure   microphones
SIA Software Company, Inc.  software solutions for the pro audio, acoustics and engineering, SIA-Smaart Pro
Siemens AG
Silicon Audio  wholesale dealer of Audio Components
Silver Line Audio Loudspeakers
Silver Signal Cables
Sixpack  Audio-/ Video-/ und Studiotechnik, Kuhnle Kompressoren
Slick Systems   trussing
Snell&Wilcox  pro audio and video
Sondor   Post Production Equipment, FILM-TO-VIDEO TRANSFER SCANNERS
Solid State Logic SSL    pro audio, digital audio
Sonex  acoustic materials
Sonic Solutions   digital media workstations for audio and multimedia
SONERA Technologies DisplayMate Video Utilities
SONEX Illbruck Corporation   Industrial Acoustic Products
Sonic Foundry   CD Recording, Editing Software
Sono VTS Studiotechnik, Germany
Sonorus Digital Audio
Sony - AV Electronics
Sony Professional: Live Sound Reinforcement
Sony Professional Electronics
Sony Deutschland GmbH
Sony Videoconference
Sonic Design
Sonic Foundry   multimedia editing tools for Windows
Sound Advance   planar, low-Q loudspeakers,
SoundTube Speaker Systems
Sound Ideas
Sound Image, California, Tennessee, Arizona
Soundcraft Spirit
Sound-Craft Systems, Inc   Multi-Media Lecterns, Lecterns with Speaker
Soundelux   creative content production, technical design and installation for theme parks, high-quality audio services to the entertainment industry, audio books, sound effects and microphones
Soundweb (BSS)
Soundtrack Incorporated
Soundtracs   audio consoles
Spatializer Audio Laboratories   patented 3-D audio processing technology
Speaker Works   installation and multimedia loudspeakers
Spinergy Media   service supplier of eMedia and related services, East Rochester, New York
Spire Controls - Flat Panel Displays and Monitors   flat panel displays and monitors, touch screens, panel pcs, and industrial computers for control system automation
Spoerle Electronic, Germany  largest distributor of electronic components in Central Europe
SSI Products, Inc.
Stage Accompany  pro audio
Stageline   Germany, audio and lighting equipment
Stage Tec  pro audio, digital audio
Stage Tec  DSP media
Stage Research   theatrical sound playback and show control software, SFX
Stento  paging, intercom, communication
Steinberg North America
Stewart Filmscreen  Projection Screens
Straight Wire - The Music Conductor
Strong International   film projection equipment, follow spots
Studer   proaudio equipment
SURFACE/INTERFACE, INC.   San Jose based company with operating groups focused Metrology for CD measurement and Vacuum Products for sample transfer and positioning, tool for 3-D CD measurement
SVS  Manufacturer of Video Projector Lifts
SV Systems   projection technology
Switchcraft, Calswitch
Symetrix Inc.